News and Events

The Gecko project will host two workshops core to the GECKO project in respectively November 2019 and March 2020 (the pilot project finishes end March 2020). The workshops aim to bring the initial GECKO research results to debate and further elaboration. 

The first GECKO Circular Technology Booster is planned for March 10-11. It will coincide with the Nairobi Design week.

The second GECKO Circular Economy Governance Workshop is planned for March, preliminary dates are March 12. 

The workshops bring together the GECKO 26-30 Ruaraka case companies with GECKO researchers and Danish and Kenyan companies and up-starts with innovative circular and creative ideas. Basically, the workshops aim to turn waste into gold. How can we develop high value products out of residues? How can we create competitive green and circular business development in a Kenyan/Ruaraka context?

We will discuss and highlight:

  1. different green and circular solutions and  business opportunities that may best address the different challenges we have identified among each Ruaraka case company. 
  2. more systemic green and circular solutions for the Ruaraka industrial zone  
  3. how to build up a green business network and learning community among the Ruaraka companies. 
  4. the governance challenges and avenues ahead for better governance at the Ruaraka park level and local and central policy levels.
  5. We will finally identify knowledge gaps and research needs that could feed into the GECKO 5 year follow-up application to be submitted to Danida in 2020. 

The workshops are organized in a collaboration with the KCIC (Kenya Climate Innovation Center), the Kenyan Design Week organization and the many GECKO Kenyan stakeholders organized in our GECKO advisory board such as core business associations (KAM; KEPSA, RUBICOM) and ministries of industry and environment as well as core Danish stakeholders such as the green networks CLEAN and NBE-N, the Danish Design and Fashion Institute as well as the DTU innovation facilitating entities DTU-Skylab (student entrepreneurship) and DTU AIS (research-company and stakeholder collaboration).

We need to keep particularly the technology booster part of the workshops intense and concentrated on the Ruaraka companies. Participation in the GECKO workshops is by invitation only, see also the section on 'Help us'. Are you interested in participating please contact:

GECKO project leader Maj Munch Andersen,